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  • These software solutions are made to manage activities of the enterprise in a unified, focused and inheritable process: The Sales Department receives information, makes quotes and orders ... the documents processing department writes up bills and rechecks the information... the accounting department makes invoices for receipts and payments…
  • Target clients who may refer and use these solutions are companies doing business in the fields of transportation & delivery


The solutions system includes several modules, which can operate independently or can be connected together to automatically share information with others to create a centralized and unified management system.

  • System management
  • Transportation & logistics management
    • Transport services management
    • Delivery services management
  • Finance - Accounting management
    • Cash & banking
    • Goods/services purchasing and payables
    • Services selling and receivables
    • Tour cost & price management
    • Inventories
    • Fixed assets, instruments and tools
    • Summary & financial statements, tax reports
  • Human resources management and payroll calculation


Data connection model among departments in the company

  • Working and online data management model of different subsidiaries


  • Accessing and viewing reports models from outside the office


Logistics - transport services management

  • Transport & transport services management
    • Vehicle information management: vehicle code, name, group, driver, assistant ...
    • Managing by vehicle group: company vehicles, service vehicles, outsource vehicles
    • Vehicle lists management: areas, port groups, ports, shipping companies, ship names, containers, oil, kilometers norms ...
    • Transport pricing management: different pricing for each target customer, type container, forms of transport, container lift on and off location.
    • Container lifting pricing management: different pricing for each type of container, port, empty or full container.
    • Cost management by cost items: Lifting fees, cleaning fees, police and road charges ...
    • Management and payroll for drivers, assistant drivers: wages by trips, commissions, allowances ...
    • Vehicle operation management.
    • Reports on revenues, expenses, profits or losses by vehicles.
    • Reports on revenues, expenses, profits or losses by vehicle groups.
    • Business reports by customers.
    • General reports detailing the cost items by vehicles.
    • Reports on revenues, expenses by drivers.
    • Payrolls for drivers and assistants.
    • Commission reports by customers
  • Delivery services management

The software allows service management of sea freight, air freight, import and export goods, customs declaration …

  • Inventories system management:
  • Shipping companies inventory: NKY, HYU…
  • Ships inventory: WANHAI 266, HANJIN…
  • Container type: 40’, 20’, 40DC…
  • Ports inventory: TAICHUNG, KOBE…
  • Costs inventory: THC, DO, DOC, CFS, and HL…
  • Authorized collection/payment services management
  • Multi-currencies management: USD, EUR…
  • Sales Instruction management

  • Shipment cost management

  • Booking Request management

  • Master bill, House bill management
  • Printing bills (SEA, AIR), Delivery Order (Sea), Cargo Manifest (air), Pre- Alert statement…
  • Designing forms for debit/credit notes

Delivery services reports

  • Reports on sales by employees, customers...
  • Reports on profit by shipment, field, sales.
  • Detail debt reports of each shipment on receivables by sales and customers.
  • Reports on costs by shipments.
  • And other administration reports as requested.

Finance - Accounting management

  • Monetary capital management (cash, bank deposit)
  • Sales and receivables management
  • Purchase and payables management
  • Inventory management
  • Management of instrument and tools and fixed assets
  • General accounting (record systems, tax reports, financial statements ...)

Human resources management and payroll calculation

Please contact the sales department of the company for any inquiries:

  • Ha Noi: 04.3776.1663
  • Da Nang: 0511.222.9308
  • Ho Chi Minh: 08.3989.2737

(Please contact us to receive the manual and demo)

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