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As software products are both a kind of scientific and high technology products and an intangible product, selecting a product to suit an application scope, management requirements, financial conditions, and infrastructure of a company is generally a very difficult job. Questions posed to the person in charge of the application of IT products in the management of a company include:

  • How to choose a prestige supplier with the capability to implement?
  • How to evaluate product quality in accordance with the management requirements with the most appropriate technology and cost?
  • How long is the product life cycle? If the company opens more branches and expand management requirements, how is a supplier’s support? Is it easy to upgrade or develop the functions of a system?
  • When installing the software system, will we have to invest more infrastructure and facilities? How much do they cost and how much time to be able to operate the system in the most effective way?
  • Does the application of this solution save time, cost, human resources?
  • ...


  • With a large team of experts and professionals who have had in-depth trainings in the field of IT development and application in business governance, we are always ready to assist and advise you anytime.
  • Consulting for choosing a product/solution include:
    • Consulting on technology and application products.
    • Consulting on the management needed of software application.
    • Consulting on the installation process and application deployment.
    • Consulting and surveying IT infrastructure to be able to operate the system.
    • Consulting for expansion and development orientation in the future
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