On demand customization service

With over 15 years of experience and deployment for more than 10,000 customers across the country, we are fully able to implement software development services according to package orders or adjust according to the management requirements of each particular field. Here are some typical sectors that AsiaSoft has performed very successfully:

  • Trading of automobile, automobile parts and repair services.
  • Construction, construction consultancy, and real estate brokerage.
  • Production, sales and export of timber.
  • Production and trading of packaging and cardboard.
  • Manufacturing and trading of textiles - import-export.
  • Commercial sector - logistics - transport - import-export.
  • Tourism services - selling tickets - visas
  • Trading and processing of seafood - food.
  • Trading of agricultural products- import-export.
  • Trading and retail distribution of goods through the supply chain.
  • ...
  • Asia is committed to always listening and receiving all requests to provide the most complete and suitable management software system for each organization for each area of operation.
    • To perform the on demand customization service for upgrading and development, it requires close cooperation between the users of your company and the consulting-survey team of Asia during the beginning.
    • Your company must be responsible for providing all of the business requirements, documents, and management report forms for Asia to obtain an overview and best capture the requirements.
    • The records and documents provided by the company shall be kept confidential by a confidentiality agreement signed by the authorized representative of both parties

Implementation process

  • To survey the requirements and the current IT status of your company:
    • To survey the details of each management requirement of your company
    • To gather all the report forms and documents required for on-demand design.
    • To survey the current IT status and IT infrastructure of your company to advise the most appropriate applications.
    • To consult your company to invest in infrastructure, facilities, equipment, and network infrastructure for the best exploitation and operation, the highest efficiency of the software system equipped.
  • Problem analysis & deployment plan:
    • To synthesize each operation requirements of your company to prepare the system analysis
    • To agree with your company on the requirements of users to program or calibrate the system at the request of management.
    • Asia is committed to always listening and receiving all requests to provide the most complete and suitable management software system for each organization for each area of operation.
  • System analysis, design and programming:
    • Based on the requirements of your company, the analysis department of Asia will conduct detailed analysis and design in details the user requirements, then transfer to the coding department to build the system under this analysis.
    • The design and analysis will be transferred to your company as a basis for comparison during the operation and inspection process of the users.
    • The analysis, design and construction of the system will be done by ASIA.
  • System installation and commissioning with real data:
    • After the system has been adjusted perfectly, Asia will coordinate with the representatives of your company to install the system directly into your computers for system testing.
    • The duties of the two sides during the test run:
      • Asia will: Convert data and provide user instructions to your company for the test run.
      • Your company will: Prepare sample data and assign data entry personnel to check the correctness and completeness of the system
    • During the test run, if there arises another requirement, the two sides will conduct an analysis and ASIA is responsible for updating the requirement or bugs of the system.
  • Counseling, guidance and support for operation and handover:
    • After the test run is completed, the two sides will assign personnel in charge of the official system operation system through the guidance and training of ASIA’s deployment staff.
    • ASIA shall appoint qualified staff to coordinate and guide the use for your company to exploit and operate the system expertly.
    • After the period of system exploitation and operation, the two sides will hold a review meeting to make final assessment for acceptance and handover of the whole system to your company.
  • Consulting on the system upgrade, expansion and development in the future:
    • Asia always has a consulting team when your company needs to upgrade, expand or develop additional functions and utilities of the system at any time since the system installation, operation, the warranty period or system maintenance.
    • The system upgrade, expansion and development are always done by experienced professionals and experts of Asia.
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