Asia Stock

It manages the entire process of purchase, receipt, delivery and circulation of goods and supplies

  • Some key points of the program:
    • Supplies management: The list of materials is managed in the tree view with different sorting criteria. The main information of a commodity to be managed includes: Code, name, part number, specification, manufacturer, the material photo.
    • Management of import, delivery and inventory by warehouse and group.
    • Tracking inventory locations: compartment-line-shelf.
    • Keeping track of suppliers and comparing prices between suppliers and between shipments.
    • Warning minimum inventory, maximum inventory, notifying users to make purchase orders when the inventory drops under the threshold defined by users.
    • Inventory evaluation under many methods, including specific identification, monthly average, moving average, and first in first out.
    • Alternative material management.
    • Printing document on the computer.

Please contact the sales department of the company for any inquiries:

  • Ha Noi: 04.3776.1663
  • Da Nang: 0511.222.9308
  • Ho Chi Minh City: 08.3989.2737

(Please contact us to receive the manual and demo)

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