Software training service

Being founded in 2001 with a professional orientation in the field of business management software and provision of information technology solutions, Asiasoft provides training service to use the software under the following forms:

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  • Providing software and training for using the software for educational organizations:
    • Asia is ready to provide software products to support all vocational schools, colleges, universities across the country in the application of accounting software in teaching.
    • We always organize advanced courses and classes for student majoring in Accounting - Audit in the use of software in the real work.
  • The training is focused on Asia’s offices or clients’ offices:
    • Depending on the solution provided, we always cooperate with customers to best effectively organize the training and use of the software into the real work at the most location.
    • Training methods: Focused training is organized for users to capture the work, the most common responsibilities and operating procedures of the system. After that, each user will be provided direct training depending on the nature of work and the ability to acquire of each user.
  • We provides training for new employees of customers when there is a change in personnel:
    • The consultants and customer care staff of Asia are ready to coordinate with customers to carry out the training for new users of your company when there is a change in personnel.
    • The organization of guidance and training for new employees of our customers are always carried out according to specific plans of each company during use.
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