Asia Enterprise
Asia Enterprise is a software system that helps enterprises manage their core operations in a uniform process, from accounting, financial analysis, purchase management, inventory management, production planning and management, logistic management, customer relationship management, etc
Asia Accounting
Asia Accounting (Asia Standard) is a management accounting software altered to accommodate special management requirements of enterprises. Asia Standard has been developed and perfected continuously since 2001
Asia Stock
It manages the entire process of purchase, receipt, delivery and circulation of goods and supplies
Asia Sale
It monitors all information related to business processes such as contracts, payment, sales, inventory, etc. The software is capable of linking to the data of the accounting software and inventory management software through users’ declaration and construction of processes
Asia HRM
Asia HRM is designed to manage the whole process of recruitment, training, employee evaluation, all records, working process, training process, personal information, the operation process, Staff movement, salary, social insurance, and many other issues of employees. It enables the management of the records of employee, both under and out of the company’s employment.
Asia for Car Business
The software solution for enterprise management in the business of automobile to meet the following needs: Strict control of financial, accounting, and business operations of automobiles and spare parts. Improving the efficiency of customer care, attracting new customers Bring satisfaction to customers when using the repair and maintenance services of the company
Asia for Travel
These solutions are made to manage activities of the enterprise in a unified, focused and inheritable process: From purchase and sales of tours - tickets – visa services; Management of receivable and payable debts; Management & sales analysis of services providing; Management of cost, fixed assets, instruments and tools etc. to Management of Human resources & Payroll calculation.
Simba Accounting
SIMBA Accounting Software - a packaged version of AsiaSoft, is designed for small and medium - scale enterprises with purpose to help them save costs, minimize unnecessary procedures, and simplify and streamline accounting work.
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