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Privacy Policy Customer Information

Ensure Account and Password Security

  1. Customers will be provided with an account and a password corresponding to the content registered in the Application Form to use the service.
  2. The Customer undertakes to apply appropriate and necessary security regulations in relation to the access and use of the account and password, to ensure that the right to access and use the Software does not violate this Policy; and at the same time ensure the compliance of the Users under their management.
  3. Customer is obligated to notify AsiaSoft of all security breaches for passwords and accounts, and to gain unauthorized access to the Software immediately upon discovery of violations.
    AsiaSoft undertakes not to access, disclose account and password, or change account information unless:
  • At the request of customers;
  • At the request of the Court or a competent state agency.

In this case, AsiaSoft will immediately notify the Customer of the provision of such information

AsiaSoft reserves the right to limit or suspend access to the Software by one or more accounts if a security breach is discovered to ensure the integrity and safety of the Software and its users. AsiaSoft will notify the Client in the event of such a breach of the Client’s account.

Information security

  1. Customer understands and accepts that, by using the Service, its financial, accounting, business operations, bank accounts, organizational structure and other financial or information Customer’s other personal/business information (hereinafter referred to as “Information”) entered and manipulated on the Software will be stored on the server that AsiaSoft uses to operate the Software.
  2. The Customer undertakes that the Customer legally owns the financial information entered into the Software, and the Customer has the right to authorize AsiaSoft to store such financial information on the server used by AsiaSoft. At the same time, the Customer undertakes to take full responsibility for the content that the Customer has entered and/or manipulates with information on the Software to which the Customer has access.
  3. By accepting this Policy, Customer authorizes AsiaSoft to access, reformat and store such information on AsiaSoft’s servers in a manner appropriate to ensure the confidentiality of the information provided. Services for Customers.
  4. AsiaSoft warrants and undertakes not to access or change the Information; share, disclose or make available to any other third party except with Customer’s permission. At the same time, AsiaSoft will take necessary measures and to the extent permitted to ensure the security of the aforementioned Information.
  5. AsiaSoft will immediately notify the Customer when:
  6. AsiaSoft is alerted or suspects that there has been or is an invasion of the security of the Information; or
  7. To be required to disclose Information in accordance with the law or by a competent agency or organization.
  8. AsiaSof’s confidentiality obligations do not apply to:
  9. Information that became public at the time of disclosure or legally became publicly available thereafter that did not result from a breach of AsiaSoft’s confidentiality obligations;
  10. Information that AsiaSoft had prior to receiving from the Customer provided that the source of such information is not bound by any confidentiality agreement, legal obligation, contract or confidentiality mandate with the Customer. for that information.
  11. Information lawfully disclosed to AsiaSoft by a Third Party, which such Third Party has not received directly or indirectly from the Customer and is not bound by any obligation of confidentiality;
  12. Information is authorized in writing by the Customer; or
  13. The case must be disclosed as required by law, a court or a competent state agency.
  14. AsiaSoft’s confidentiality obligations terminate after the contract termination date.