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Warranty service - maintenance

Software products, after being accepted and transferred, will be warranted and supported by Asia for a period of twelve (12) months.

  • Warranty coverage and content
    • The scope of warranty and use support does not include software and database damage caused by Party A’s management cause, including but not limited to the following causes: virus attack, other events. hardware and server failures, intentional destruction of software and databases.
    • During the warranty and maintenance period, if the software cannot be run for any reason, Party B will reinstall it for free.
  • Warranty method: During the warranty period, after receiving Party A’s notice by phone, fax or email, Party B is responsible for proposing solutions to overcome the program’s errors by one of the following methods: The following:
    • Instruct users to correct program errors by phone, Fax, or E-mail within 02 (two) hours after receiving the notice.
    • Directly correct errors of the program at Party A within 01 (one) working day at the latest. In case of urgent request from Party A, Party B will send someone within 02 (two) to four 04 (hours) if possible.
  • Maintenance service:
    • Asia has built a customer care and management software system – called CRM for short to serve the management and care of its customers at any time.
    • Product maintenance will be specified in a separate maintenance contract after the expiration of the free 12-month warranty with the agreement of both parties.

Training services

Established in 2001 with a professional orientation in the field of business administration software and providing information technology solutions, Asiasoft provides training services on using software in the following forms:

AsiaSoft Accounting Services

  • Provide software and support training to use software for educational units:
    • Asia is ready to provide software products to support all middle schools, colleges and universities nationwide in applying accounting software to teaching.
    • We always organize advanced application courses and classes for Accounting – Auditing students in using software in real work.
  • Training focused in the Asia office or at client offices:
    • Depending on the solution provided, we always coordinate with our customers to organize the application training and use the software in practical work in the most effective way at the most suitable location.
      Training method: organize centralized training for users to understand the most common work, responsibilities and operating procedures of the system, then direct training for each user depending on the nature of the job and the receptivity of each user.
  • Support service to train new employees for customers when there is a change in personnel:
    • Asia’s customer service and consulting staff are ready to coordinate with customers to perform retraining services for new users of the unit when there is a change in personnel.
    • The organization of instructions and training of new employees of customers is always done according to the specific plan of each unit during use.

Editing service on demand

With more than 20 years of operation and deployment experience for nearly 10,000 customers nationwide, we can completely perform software development services according to package orders or modify according to the management requirements of each individual. particular field. Here are some typical areas that AsiaSoft has successfully implemented

  • Trading in Automobiles, Auto Parts and repair services.
  • Construction, construction consulting, real estate & real estate brokerage business.
  • Producing, trading and importing and exporting wood.
  • Producing & trading in packaging, paper carton.
  • Manufacturing & trading in the field of textiles – import and export.
  • The field of trade – forwarding services – transportation – import and export.
  • The field of tourism services – selling air tickets – selling visas
  • Business, seafood processing – food.
  • Agricultural business – import and export.
  • Business, retail distribution of goods through the supply chain…

Asia is committed to always listening and accepting all requirements from the unit to be able to provide a complete and most suitable management software system for each unit to use in each field of activity.

  • In order to perform the Customize service to upgrade and develop the system on demand, there needs to be close coordination between the unit’s users and Asia’s consulting department _ surveying the system in the first time.
  • The unit must be responsible for providing all business requirements, documents, and report forms to be managed so that Asia has an overview and best grasp of the unit’s requirements.
  • The request file and the transfer document of the unit will be kept confidential by both parties through a confidentiality contract agreed upon by an authorized person of the two parties.

Implementation process.

  • Survey of IT requirements and status of the unit:
    • Examine in detail each business requirement to be managed by the unit
    • Collect all required report and document templates as required.
    • Survey the current state of IT application and IT infrastructure of the unit to give the most suitable application consulting direction.
    • Ready to participate in consulting for the unit to invest in facilities, equipment, and network infrastructure so that the unit can exploit and operate the best and most effective software system. Equipment.
  • Problem analysis & implementation planning:
    • Summarize each unit’s business requirements in detail to create a set of system analysis documents
    • Agree with the unit on the set of analytical documents required by the user to conduct programming, build or calibrate the system according to management requirements.
    • ASIA and Customer together appoint representatives to take charge throughout the system implementation process. Representatives of the two sides will make specific plans for each stage of system implementation until the acceptance of the entire program.
  • System analysis, design and programming:
    • Based on the requirements profile of the unit, Asia’s analysis department will conduct detailed analysis_design of user requirements and then transfer to the coding department to build the system according to the analysis documents this area.
    • Design analysis documents will be transferred to the unit as a basis for comparison during the exploitation, operation and testing of the user’s system.
    • System analysis, design and construction was performed by ASIA.
      Install and run system tests with real data:
    • After the system has been fully calibrated, Asia will coordinate with the unit’s representative to install the system directly on the unit’s computer to conduct system testing.
    • The work of the two parties during the test run:
      • Asia: data migration and instructions for users of the pilot operator.
      • Unit: Prepare sample data sets and arrange data entry personnel to check the correctness and completeness of the system
    • During the testing period, if any requirements arise, the two parties will conduct analysis and ASIA is responsible for updating the system with incomplete or incomplete requirements.
  • Consulting, guiding, supporting the operation and delivery of goods:
    • After the system has been tested and completed, the two sides will arrange personnel for the official operation of the system through the guidance and training of ASIA’s deployment staff.
    • ASIA is responsible for appointing qualified staff to coordinate and guide the users of the unit to be able to exploit and operate the system competently.
    • After the time of exploiting and operating the system, the two sides will have a meeting to summarize and re-evaluate the system for the last time to come to the acceptance and complete transfer of the system to the unit.
  • Consulting to upgrade, expand and develop the system in the future:
    • Asia always has a consulting department when the unit has a request to upgrade, expand or develop more functions and utilities of the system at any time, including when equipping the system, during the operation and operation of the system. during the warranty period or during the system maintenance period.
    • Consulting on system upgrades and expansion is always carried out by Asia’s experienced experts and specialists.

Legal solution consulting

A software product is both a product of high scientific and technological nature and an intangible product, so choosing a product suitable for each application scale, management requirements, financial conditions, etc. The main and infrastructure of an enterprise in general is a very difficult job. The question that always arises for the person in charge of the application of IT products in the management of the unit is:

  • A software product is both a product of high scientific and technological nature and an intangible product, so choosing a product suitable for each application scale, management requirements, financial conditions, etc. The main and infrastructure of an enterprise in general is a very difficult job. The question that always arises for the person in charge of the application of IT products in the management of the unit is:
    • How to choose a reputable and competent supplier? ?
    • How to evaluate a product that is considered quality, in line with management requirements, with the most appropriate technology and cost?
    • How long is the product life cycle? If the company develops more member units and expands management requirements, how is the support of the supplier? Is it easy to upgrade or develop more system functionality??
    • When installing this software system, we don’t know if we have to invest in any more infrastructure, how much cost and time it takes to be able to exploit and operate the system most effectively.?
    • When applying this solution, will it save time, costs, and human resources?
  • With a large and professional team of experts, intensively trained in the field of IT development and application in business administration. We are always ready to support and advise you at any time.
  • Consulting services to choose products and solutions include:
    • Technology consulting, application products.
    • Management consulting needs to be applied.
    • Consulting on the installation process and application deployment.
    • Consulting, surveying IT infrastructure facilities to be able to operate the system.
    • Consulting for future expansion and system development.