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  • These software solutions are made to manage activities of the enterprise in a unified, focused and inheritable process: Managing the planning & business process (quotations à orders à delivery à invoice); Managing discounts and promotions; Managing the supply of materials and production plans, inventories, human resources management and payroll calculation for employees, etc.
  • Target clients who may refer and use these solutions are companies doing business in the fields of manufacturing and trading pharmaceuticals.


The solution system includes several modules, which can operate independently or can be connected together to automatically share information with others to create a centralized and unified management system.

  • System management
  • Specific features
    • Business – Distribution management
    • Management of discounts and promotions
    • Management of production plans
  • Other modules
    • Finance – Accounting management
      • Cash & banking
      • Goods/services purchasing and payables
      • Services selling and receivables
      • Tour cost & price management
      • Inventories
      • Fixed assets, instruments and tools
      • Summary & financial statements, tax reports
    • Human resources management and payroll calculation



Data connection model among departments in the company

Working and online data management model of different subsidiaries

Accessing and viewing reports models from outside the office


Business – Distribution management

  • Sales management by customer and of medical representative (MR):
    • Customers are divided in many different management criteria, including by region, province, nature of activities, and distribution channel.
    • Customers by region (the North, Central, South, etc.)
    • Details by region (Red River Delta, the Northeast, Northwest, North Central, South Central Coast, Southwest, Southeast, etc.)
    • Details by city/province (exceptionally, HCMC is managed in districts)
    • Details by MR: each MR will be in charge of some customers as specified and grouped: Sales can be filtered by MR.
    • ETC/OTC/supermarket channel. Sales can be filtered by channel.
    • Region/province/district.
    • The list of MRs by each group of customers/region can be built. Example: The MRs in charge of the pharmacies and hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Material and inventory management:
    • The inventory of goods – supplies is managed in details by 02 units (box – bag) or 03 units (box – pack – pill) depending on the type of items. Different items will have different units.
    • Inventory reports show details of each unit or all units, details of each batch and expiry date.
    • The software can manage and alerts minimum and maximum inventories, including statistical reports on maximum and minimum inventories.
    • Statistical reports on expired and nearly expired goods.
  • It also allows to declare and manage the selling price by each category and each customer group:
    • Managing the selling price for all customers and the price for each customer.
    • Managing the selling price on the invoice price for each item/customer/channel (ETC = Hospitals, PK / OTC = Pharmacies), commodities (drugs, supplements, medical tools).
  • Management of business plans
    • Making detailed business plans for each item/commodity over time.
    • Making detailed business plans for each customer/customer group/MR.
    • Report on the ratio of realization of the sales target.

Management of discounts and promotions

  • Discounts by invoice or commodity.
  • Developing promotions for each product for a certain period of time.
  • Discounts by export slip/delivery note
  • An item can have many forms of promotions in the same period of time.
  • It allows users to select each promotion for each item sold in an invoice → The program will automatically calculate the promotional products according to such promotion.
  • There are two forms of promotion:
    • Scoring promotion:
      • Each item will have a corresponding number of points. Based on the number of points earned upon purchase, customers may choose the product that corresponds to such number of points
      • The program allows checking whether the points given are consistent with the value of product selected by customers.
    • Gift-giving promotion:
      • For a certain number of products of different commodity sold will be given different products.
      • Upon purchase, the amount of product purchased under the provisions of the promotion declared will be based to calculate the gifts corresponding. If customers buy products which have many options of gifts, customers are entitled to choose at their will.
  • The software also manages, calculates, and makes reports on the sale of each promotion and/or by each commodity.
  • Automatically generating reports comparing the sales of each promotion under the following conditions:
    • Report on the national sales or sales by region for each promotion.
    • Report on the sales of each commodity for each promotion.
    • Report on the sales of each promotion in a chronological order.
  • The system automatically generates inventories reports by promotion over time.

Management of production plans


  • Establishing production plans according to orders:
    • Scheduling monthly and quarterly production plans.
    • Supplementing production plans.
    • It allows users to balance the demand and inventory to make production plans.
    • Users are also allowed to adjust plans from time to time.
    • The production can be controlled in comparison with the plan.
  • Setting up the production quotas for each product/product category.
    • Setting up the material consumption norms of raw materials by product/order.
    • Balancing supplies according to production needs.
    • Statistical reports by raw materials used
    • The report assessing the use of raw materials
  • Making production orders
    • Making up production orders according to orders or products
    • Recording materials for production according to production orders
    • Recording supplies exported to production workshops
    • Comparing the performance of the plan over time.
  • General production reports
    • Report on production plans by order.
    • Monthly/quarter/yearly report on production plan
    • Report on changes of plans
    • Monthly/quarter/yearly report on the implementation of the plan
    • General report by item/order/production workshop.
  • Exporting data to the accounting department to calculate the production cost of each product and order.


Please contact the company’s sales department for advice:

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