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As economy is developing and people’s incomes are rising, the demand for owning a car is growing. Grasping this trend, the number of enterprises dealing in automobiles and repair services is increasing, and thus, competitiveness is also more intense. As a businessman, what you care about most are:

  • How to sell the most cars and auto parts
  • How to offer the best customer care
  • How to improve the maintenance and warranty process in order to bring satisfaction to existing customers as well as attract new customers.
  • Foreseeing this need, AsiaSoft has built and perfected The software solution for enterprise management in the business of automobile to meet the following needs:
  • Strict control of financial, accounting, and business operations of automobiles and spare parts.
  • Improving the efficiency of customer care, attracting new customers
  • Bring satisfaction to customers when using the repair and maintenance services of the company


Specific management modules for the automobile business:

  • Finance – Accounting management
  • Human resources management and payroll calculation
  • Automobile & spare parts business management
  • Materials management (accessories and auto parts)
  • Service management (repair/warranty)
  • Customer management and care

Other modules

  • Monetary capital management (cash, bank deposit)
  • Sales and receivables management
  • Purchase and payables management
  • Inventory management
  • Management of instrument and tools and fixed assets
  • General accounting (record systems, tax reports, financial statements …)
  • Human resources management and payroll calculation



  • Data connection model among departments in the company

  • Working and online data management model of different subsidiaries

  • Accessing and viewing reports models from outside the office


In addition to the standard features (accounting and financial management, human resources, payroll calculation and customer care) like enterprises in other sectors, there are some specific features of the automotive sector as follows:

Automobile & spare parts business management


Functional areas

  • Keeping track of the process of ordering automobiles with the factory and delivery to customers.
  • Keeping track of information in purchase contracts of the factory and in automobile sale contracts with customers, including frame, vehicle color, contract number etc.
  • To follow up the implementation process of the factory’s automobile purchase contracts, particularly how many cars that have/have not received in the order, the deposit amount, the remaining payable amount, etc.
  • To follow up the implementation process of the factory’s automobile sale contracts for customers, particularly monitoring the payment process of customers, delivery dates to customers.
  • The software is connected with the warranty department to obtain information of whether or not the customers who have signed the automobiles purchase contract come to enjoy the warranty service.
  • A design of customer review has been made, including the following information: Customer satisfaction on the automobiles and service, etc.
  • Monitoring customer information and reports for customers who have purchased automobiles after one/two years to adopt appropriate customer care policies.
  • Making business plans for vehicles and spare parts
  • Keeping track of the number of vehicles sold by salespeople.
  • Keeping track of the actual amount deposited by clients.
  • Monitoring and decentralizing the signing process for contract approval.
  • Report system:

+ Tracking Automobile history (the date of purchase, the number of warranty services, the nearest warranty time, etc.)

+ Tracking the customers who have signed an automobile purchase contract with the company.

+ Sales reports for automobiles and spare parts by salesperson.

+ Sales reports by week, month, quarter or year.

+ Detailed sales reports by region.

+ Report on the ratio of realization of the sales target.

+ Sales reports by each type of automobiles and spare parts.

+ Report tracking customers buying cars (customer name, vehicle number, address, etc.)

Materials management (spare parts)


Functional areas

  • Managing information on the repair request form.
  • Counting the goods on vehicles and in warehouses.
  • Upon the delivery of a vehicle, the finalization of spare parts and all costs will be made.
  • Materials are managed in details by racks and shelves.
  • Materials are managed into two warehouses: Genuine spare parts warehouse and Made-in-Vietnam spare parts warehouse.
  • Tracking slow-moving goods – Making a list of Orders (Based on actual inventory).
  • Report system:

+ Instant query: History of spare parts, unfinished spare parts, warranted spare parts based on the basic information, including spare part code, order code, plate number, arrival date, departure date, frame number, name, unit, etc.

+ Report: Spare parts used for warranty services, spare parts in process by plate number – spare parts used for warranty services by frame number – Material receipt – Total inventories.

Service management (repair/warranty)


Functional areas

  • Managing customer information by the service department (name, address, phone number, ID, notes, etc.)
  • Managing vehicle classification and vehicle model.
  • Managing maintenance packages, and unit prices, remuneration, spare parts for each maintenance package.
  • Managing and updating accrued repair services.
  • Managing worker attendance.
  • Managing revenue by advisory services.
  • Exporting specific reports.
  • Tracking detailed number of times of warranty services, time of receipt – delivery.
  • When making repair slip, adding a state to differentiate arising spare parts.
  • When converting repair quotations to repair slips, the many lines showing fees will be combined into one in the repair slip.
  • When making repair slips, the selling price will automatically be converted into Vietnamese currency for sale (this rate is not according to the exchange rate of the accounting department).
  • Looking up all the quotes made to know which customers checked without using repair services of the company (repair by other vendors).


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