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Sales and collection management

Manage details of sales invoices, sales receipts, sales receipts, return money to customers. Detailed management of many promotions. Declare multiple sales price lists for different objects. Manage details of receivables with customers. Manage points accumulation and payment of customers’ points.

Purchase and payment management for suppliers

Manage the details of importing goods and paying suppliers, returning imported goods and collecting payments from suppliers. Manage details of payables with suppliers.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory at stores by many units, the warning attribute is not in stock for export. Minimum and maximum inventory management.

Revenue – cost – profit

Provide detailed, instantaneous revenue, expense, collection, and payment data. Metrics are provided by store, group of stores, and time periods.

For details, please refer to:  http://ashop.vn/


Fast, accurate sales

With AShop, users can sell barcode readers or select images when selling without having to remember product codes or selling prices.

Multiple payment methods

In addition to regular cash payments, AShop sales software also supports a variety of payment methods such as payment by QR code, card swipe, bank transfer.

Simple and easy to use

No need to install, activate user account right after registration, simple interface, can be familiarized and used immediately.

Full, detailed report

Instantly provide information: revenue and expenditure, receivable-payable, revenue-cost-profit, inventory.


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