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It manages the entire process of purchase, receipt, delivery and circulation of goods and supplies

It monitors all information related to business processes such as contracts, payment, sales, inventory, etc. The software is capable of linking to the data of the accounting software and inventory management software through users’ declaration and construction of processes


The software includes the following operation modules:

  • Management of contracts, payment status, and implementation process.
  • Querying the list of goods, commodity categories, barcode of product, unit price under the barcode technology.
  • Updating sales details by barcode.
  • Printing sales invoices.
  • Keeping track of receipt, delivery, inventory and reporting on the order status.
  • Managing the list of suppliers, commodity categories, and business lines of suppliers.
  • Managing the list of customers, agents, and affiliates.
  • Aggregating sales by customer, region, product category, and industry.
  • Monitoring discounts, deductions, sales returns, etc.
  • Monitoring revenue, cost, profit and loss on each item
  • Many methods of assessing the value of the delivered goods, including Specific identification, monthly average, moving average, and first in first out.


Please contact the company’s sales department for service:

  • Hanoi: 1900 63 65 85
  • Ho Chi Minh: 1900 63 66 89
  • Da Nang: 023 6222 9308