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13 November, 2018

Lessons on employee compensation management through the story “Hunters manage the dogs”

Employee management is always a headache for every business. Here is an interesting story about how hunters manage their hunting dogs.

quản lý nhân viên

1. A hunting dog ran through the field at the foot of the mountain without catching a rabbit.

The goat herder saw this and laughed and teased the dog:

– You are so incompetent. The rabbit is much smaller than the uncle but also runs faster.

The Hound replied:

– You don’t know our running goals are completely different! I run for food, rabbits run for life!

The hunter listened to the conversation of the goat herder and the dog, thinking: “This dog is right. If we want more rabbits, we have to think differently.” A think came to the hunter. It was the first spark of management science.

thưởng nhân viên

2. So the hunter went to the market to buy some more hunting dogs. After that, he introduced a new policy: Whoever caught enough rabbits would be “paid” with bones. No catching rabbit, no eating.

New skill high-handed fruit. The dogs competed to hunt and brought back a lot of rabbits, because no one wanted to see another dog gnawing on the bone, while I sucked in my belly and opened my eyes.

3. After a while, the problem appeared again. The dogs realized that the big rabbits were harder to catch than the small ones, yet catching both big and small rabbits would get the same pay. At first, only a few good observers specialized in catching small rabbits, then the whole herd followed suit.

Hunter asked:

– Recently, the rabbits you have caught are getting smaller and smaller, why is that?

The dogs replied:

– Big and small rabbits are the same, who wastes time catching big rabbits?

After thinking for a while, the hunter decided not to use bones to pay for the number of rabbits, but to use an effective evaluation method: every time he calculates the weight of each rabbit returned, thereby paying by each stage.

The new management of the hunter immediately took effect, the number of rabbits and the hunting dogs increased in both quantity and quality. Hunters very favorable reviews.

thưởng cho nhân viên

4. However, day after day, the hunter saw a marked decrease in the number of rabbits the hounds returned, and the more experienced the dogs, the fewer rabbits they brought back.

Hunter asked dogs. The dogs replied:

– Our best life is all for you, master. But now we are getting old. When you can’t catch rabbits, will you still give me bones?

So the hunter recounted the total number of rabbits caught by each one, analyzed, and issued a new regulation on compensation: If the number of rabbits caught exceeds a certain level, the hound will be paid when he is old. certain number of bones.

The dogs were happy, they all went hunting again, trying to complete the task assigned by the owner. Over time, some dogs completed their quota.

5. Some time later, one said:

– We tried so hard but only paid for a few bones, but the number of rabbits I hunted is many times more valuable than bones. Why don’t we catch rabbits for ourselves?

So some dogs left the hunter and set up their own rabbit-catching workshop.

So what does the story mean? That is the development steps of management science.

Not only hunters, even hunting dogs also have a need to establish a career.

Looking at each and every hound leaving, why don’t we give them a chance to start a business within the company? if the company has “Association to encourage employees to start a business”. The association will find appropriate ways to encourage and assist employees in starting a business. Thus, on the one hand, our company has more investment opportunities; on the other hand, employees can self-manage a new category, taking a big step in their career.

It not only retains the best people in the company, but also generates more profits and avoids complicated competition later. By the way: you’re a talented person, but relying on your talent and disrespecting it will only make you jealous. As the story above, it is not okay to treat employees as dogs. You will be envied in no time.

quản lý nhân viên


Whether the company has the dedication of employees or not, the key issue is whether to create conditions for them to be creative, give them a sense of accomplishment and fulfill their dreams. Paying salaries, bonuses, performance evaluations, creating conditions for employees to implement plans, etc. are all effective tools for managers to stimulate employee morale.

There are people who aim to work not only from money, but also from love of work. Subconsciously, every employee hopes to do and develop the work they love.

Creating “land” for employees to work is a new management technique. On the one hand, it helps employees understand their position and working direction in the company, promote their capacity, satisfy employees’ love of work and desire for success; On the other hand, it is an effective way of preserving and developing human resources, meeting both current and future needs of the company.

Using this new management technique, you can create a lot of plans, while giving employees the opportunity to learn and grow. Encouraging the progressive spirit of employees, you will constantly increase performance and realize the strategic goals of the company.

Source: PACE

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