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07 December, 2018

Journey to the West and a lesson in the use of humanity

Leaders must put their trust in their employees. People without faith, will make others disbelieve and lose motivation, when faced with difficulties, it is easy to falter, once a leader is frightened, steps back, his team will also be broken. according to the.

The story goes that, after the arduous journey to Tay Truc, the four teachers and students of Tang Tang, after experiencing enough tribulations, attained righteous results and asked for the true scriptures to return. During the banquet to welcome 4 teachers and students, King Tang asked Tang Tang: “What did you do to lead to today’s success?”

Tang Tang replied: “Poverty increases thanks to Faith”.

The King nodded thoughtfully. Suddenly remembering, he turned to Wukong again and asked: “And what do you want?”

Wukong replied: “I rely on Competency and relationships! When I run out of ways to cope, I know to Borrow”.

The king found it more and more interesting, so he turned to the Eight Precepts: “If you hit one and throw your iron rake, how did you succeed?”

Bat Gioi replied: “I choose to work with a team. On the way to success, there are people to help, someone to teach, someone to guide, if you don’t want to succeed, you can’t.”

Finally, the king asked Sa Tang: “How can you be so honest and upright?”

Sa Sang replied: “I simply obey and follow”.

Tang Tang always moves forward through his highest beliefs. Not so with Wukong and other disciples, even though these disciples’ abilities are much higher than Tang Tang’s.

* Faith

In business, leaders must always keep their faith, not only looking forward to immediate benefits. People without faith, will make others disbelieve and lose motivation, when faced with difficulties, it is easy to falter, once a leader is frightened, steps back, his team will also be broken. according to the.

Ali Rowghani, who has spent many years working and observing the positions of the great CEOs of Apple, Pixal and Disney, said: “If employees feel confused about your mission and strategy (leader) , or can’t find motivation or conviction, they won’t follow you with the focus and consistency needed to succeed.”

Some people mistakenly believe that Tang Tang is useless. However, what Tang Tang has is Faith, a reasonable division of work and the right direction to achieve the goal.


A good boss is a boss who knows how to use people, knows how to assign appropriate work to each employee, creating opportunities for his employees to develop their capabilities, not a boss who only knows how to hold on to everything. I am worried that employees are not qualified to complete.

When leaders choose capable employees, they can rest assured. Because a caring leader is one who teaches others step-by-step according to their abilities. Being sensitive enough to know when to be patient or to reinforce, reinforce a lesson, or know when to take the next step is important.

Wukong is capable of dispelling demons, clearing “obstacles” along the way, as well as competent staff who will map out a solution to the problem in the most favorable way.

* Relationship

However, in addition to Ability, Wukong also has a relationship. In the same way, in business, when you build good relationships, both with partners, customers and even competitors, you have “throw away” a lot of the burden yourself.

Relationships also show your ability to communicate. This is not simply a “relationship” with leaders, superiors and with “great forces” like Wukong. There is a “link” associated with fairs, powerful gods… but a relationship. Business relationships include how to communicate and behave with customers and partners.

Many businesses, when there is a large order, they themselves do not have enough goods to immediately export at the request of customers, then in addition to the option of “collecting” more goods from partners in the same industry at a higher price, if any ” relationship”, you can “temporarily borrow” goods from businesses in the same industry to use, and will pay when you have new goods. Considering competitors in the same industry as business partners, healthy competition is always more beneficial.

* Borrowing power

Another important thing to success is that you must know how to Borrow. Billionaire Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Alibaba – one of the world’s largest e-commerce businesses, believes that the key to his success is always inspiring everyone, from billionaires to billionaires. to the small owners of small businesses.

When asked what makes the difference between a leader and an employee, Jack Ma once said: “Employees should be people with better technical skills than you. If not, it means you have hire the wrong person”. Focusing on the skills of your employees and hiring people who know how to work well to fulfill your vision is very important to any company.

* Team

Another factor leading to success is knowing how to work in a team. If a team agrees, the result will be more successful than expected. Of course, it is also indispensable for employees who know Obedience and follow.

There is a philosophy in using people that many people like, that for the same job, if you want to be fast, hire a lazy person, because if it is the same thing, the diligent person will do it, but the lazy person will do it faster. He’ll find a way as quickly as possible – because he’s lazy and he wants to get the job done as soon as possible.

In conclusion, the factors that lead to success:

Leaders must put TRUST in their employees

TEAM work skills – TEAM



DO and LISTEN to your superiors.

Source: Cafebiz

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